Monday, 26 August 2013


Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I'm almost in my late twenties. This is both exciting and nauseating.

25 was a good year. I wrote a couple books, had one published, and landed my super faboosh agent, Kat Rushall! 

I really don't see how 26 can live up to 25, but I really hope it puts up a good fight.

So I thought I'd put up 26 random things  about myself / goals for this year / more random stuff.

1.   I'd like a book deal. (shocker, I know.)

2. I absolutely hate the sound of people eating. Especially weirdly textured food like bananas. I also despise hurried eaters. The ones who cannot get food into their mouth fast enough. I have a lot of food related peeves.

3. My neighbor has a litter of five week old boxer puppies and I got ALL the birthday kisses.

4. I almost cried during the thirty second N'Sync reunion.

5. I don't realize the book I'm writing sucks until I'm already 30k into it. 

6. I'm obsessed with audiobooks.

7. My favorite color is purple.

8. I got black chuck taylors for my birthday. I'm in desperate need of ankle socks.

9. I have seven tattoos.

10. I love the Twilight saga && don't hate FSOG.

11. I haven't clapped in my house since I watched the Conjuring.

12. I think my husband is actually the hottest guy on the planet.

13. For my 26th birthday, my Mom got me a trip to Silverwood theme park. I'm currently making a calender with count down days on it. I'm like a freaking seven year old.

14. My great grandpa is 102 and just bought my book.

15. I have to remind myself that Jamie Bower is not actually Jace Wayland.

16. Sugar saves any spaghetti sauce.

17. I love cabbage.

18. I loathe mushrooms, but love mushroom soup. (I strain the little mushroom chunks).

19. Neil Gaiman is my patronus.

20. I think Ben Affleck will make a fine Batman.

21. I think Moonchild is a stupid name.

22. I've seen the Princess Bride 500 times. (It sounds like an exaggeration, but it's really not. I watched it before bed at least four times a week in high school).

23. Number 22 gave me unreal expectations about first loves.

24. Sometimes I let my eighty pound German Shepard sleep on my pillow and I put my head on her tummy.

25. My family is cooler than your family. Just kidding. Your family is equally as cool as mine. Let's have a picnic.

26. This year will be my best year yet. 

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