Saturday, 25 February 2012

Ello !!

Hello Kittens !!

How do I change the font on this thing...

Ah. Here we go. Easy reading, i'm-a-good-time-in-a-font Courier. Good. Now we can start.

Ola !

I'm Jenna. Jenna Lambiris. Formerly Lehne. I have a handsome husband, his name is Matt. I have two wonderful fur babies, Indi and Elli. I have a Mom and a Dad. I have a big family. Dustin, Levi, Carlee, Angel, and Mack - my brother in law. I read lots, watch TV and movies made for teenagers, and I write. I love travelling and food. I despise mushrooms and the dark. So....that's it. Now you know me. Who are you?

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