Sunday, 26 February 2012


I find that the older I get, the harder it is to become truly dedicated to something. 

I have attempted to diet many a time, and failed. I partially blame my husband - every time I tell him I'm dieting he goes on a love rant about how beautiful I am. I really do love that man.

Writing is another thing. I know I should write. I'm not suffering from any sort of writers block..i'm just...what's that word. ah yes. lazy.

Cleaning my house is another. But whatever. I will never be a dedicated house wife. Thank God matt is tidy.

You know who is the definition of dedicated though? Jordan, this little girl I used to babysit. Actually. Kids in general are dedicated to all sorts of activities. The example I'm thinking of brings a smile to my face every time my mind stumbles on it.

I was doing a week long stint of before/after school care for Jordan and her little brother. We were running behind, as usual, and I was hollering up the stairs for her to get her skinny behind into the car. She flew down the stairs, and before I could stop her, ran into the kitchen. I snuck around the corner to try and catch her sneaking more cookies, but to my surprise she was elbow deep in a bag of spinach. She quickly jammed a couple of handfuls into her backpack and put the spinach away. 

When we were in the car she started playing with her plastic horses. I told her I had seen her putting spinach in her backpack, and asked her why she did it. She looked me right in the eye, held up the plastic horse, and said " They need to eat Jenna, duh" I could not argue.

Now that is dedication to a pet, plastic or real. I told her parents when they got home and they howled with laughter. For the past two weeks her backpack and sweaters had smelled funky but they couldn't figure out why. She had tons of wilted spinach, and lettuce, at the bottom of her bag. 

ha ha ha ha. day i may have them...or just let my friends keep popping them out.

any who. that's about it for me.


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