Friday, 20 May 2016

Pizza Pizza!!


So I'm clearly the worst at blogging, ever. Well...not really. I just spend all of my time over at You can find yours truly hanging out there every second and forth Friday.

I have news, my darlings!

My dear friend / patronus / Creator of aforementioned Midnight Society, Jolene Haley, put a call for submissions for Pizza stories a couple months ago! And she picked my short, KNEADFUL THINGS, as one of the stories!

Book Name: A Pizza My Heart: An Anthology
Book Genre: YA fiction anthology
Book release date: November 12, 2016 (National Pizza with the Works except Anchovies Day)

A Pizza My Heart Blurb
Gooey cheese and warm pepperoni, with a side of kissing and murder.
A Pizza My Heart is a quirky and fun anthology that crosses all genres. Fifteen extraordinary authors have united to tell stories of mystery, mayhem, romance, danger, deceit…and pizza.
Sometimes spicy, sometimes cheesy, but always delicious, A Pizza My Heart invites you to explore life, happiness, and the pursuit of pizza.

Stories Include:
A Slice of Adventure by Maria Carvalho
Between Slices by Andy Grieser
Fresh, Hot, and Deadly by Rena Olsen
KissingDancingPizzaMURDER by Darci Cole
Kneadful Things by Jenna Lehne
Love Pizza No. 9 by Vanessa Rodriguez
Madame Miraval’s Pizza Place by Kelly deVos
Password Is… by Jolene Haley
Pizza by Emily Simon
Pizza Buddy by Brian LeTendre
Pizzamergency by Brett Jonas
Survival Pizza by Rebecca Waddell
The Last Stop at the End of the World by Jamie Adams
The Pizza Guy by Jessi Shakarian
Where There’s Pizza by Jasmine Brown

About the Publisher
Established in 2014, Hocus Pocus & Co. loves to bring unique voices and stories to fruition.

Forthcoming Cover Design by Haley Crosby

Join the book buzz using hashtag #Pizzathology

So kneadless (haha) to say, I'm pretty thrilled! I've always wanted to be in an anthology, and let's be honest...does it get any better than writing about pizza?

Here's a sneak-peek of my story :D


That's all for me, kittens. Enjoy your long weekend!




  1. OH. My. Gosh. Kneadful Things. I can't even. <3

  2. I'm so excited!!!!!! I love your story.

  3. kneadless to say.... I'm dying.

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