Thursday, 9 July 2015

Charlie, Charlie, are you here?

Hello Kittens!

As most of you know, I'm a giant horror fan. If you don't know that, I really need to work on this whole brand thing. Anyway, another thing I love is advanced movie screenings. When you mix the two together, you have one happy Jenna.

Last night, the two came together fantastically and I went and saw the advanced screening of THE GALLOWS. This name sound familiar from the "Charlie, Charlie, are you here?" viral video that went around a month or so ago. If you STILL don't know what I'm talking about, here is the trailer!

The evening started off with a little giveaway. Pro Tip: Always know a few little bits of trivia about the movie you're going to see. Most of the answers are in the trailer :) I won myself this sweet swag pack!

I LOVE the t-shirt!

Now, let us get to the goods. 

20 years after a tragic accident, a high school drama class is about to present the play that started it all...THE GALLOWS. 

Only they don't get to the play part. The night before the play is set to open, the star (Reese), his jock best buddy (Ryan) and his cheerleader girlfriend (Kassidy), break into the theater to destroy the set. Though this may seem like a dick move (and it kind of is) they have honorable intentions at heart. Reese is a miserable actor but unfortunately he's starring aside his crush, Pfeifer, the girl who brought the show back to life in the first place. Rather than bomb on opening night, Reese and his friends think Pfeifer will handle a broken set better than a bad show.

A few broken trees and a partially deconstructed hangman set (the Gallows, I guess) later, they hear a loud bang. Pfeifer shows up and is super upset that Reese would even consider damaging the set. While Reese chases after his sobbing lady love, Kassidy and Ryan soon discover they're locked in the school...and they're not alone.

Dun Dunn Dunnnnnn.

The rest of the movie is spent following the teens around as they taunt, and then flee, Charlie, our noose-wielding ghost.

While THE GALLOWS (TG) does nothing too original to earn it's shrieks, it earns them none the less. Whenever that white noise kicks in (ie: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY), you just know something scary is about to happen. A fair number of scenes had the camera staring into the dark, where sometimes a hangman's mask-wearing ghost lurked with his constantly-creaking noose. 

There's a tricky little twist at the end that I didn't see coming until it was thrown right in my face...and I'm usually pretty good at twists.

You will like (perhaps love) this flick if you: Are a horror buff in general, were even remotely involved with theater in high school,  or are afraid of hanging / the dark / heights. 

You won't like it if you: Are sick of found footage movies or get nauseous easily. 

Since I don't have a legit rating system, I"ll give this one a very solid 3.5/ 5.

Will you check out THE GALLOWS this weekend??


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  1. I saw THE GALLOWS a few weeks ago. I am sick of found footage, so it takes a lot to make me like a found footage thing (have you seen CREEP? I watched that recently too and even though it's found footage I enjoyed it). In the end, I wasn't all too impressed. I didn't see the twist at the end coming either though.