Friday, 23 May 2014

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.0

Gather round, kittens. I have a gif-filled story for your reading pleasure.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Rachel.

When we met, Rachel had just finished a R&R for an agent. Rachel, Rachel #2 (now being called Rach for confusion purposes), and I held our breath as she hit send.

While Rachel was waiting to hear back, she starting fiddling around with a new story.

She sent Rach and I the first chapter.
We. Lost.Our.Shit

She drafted SADIE (the only thing I called it though I'm sure it had a working title) in record speed.

Rach and I squeeeeeeed for a few days, then sent back notes. After a few revision, SADIE was ready for her glorious entrance into the world. Rachel already had interest from a few agents just from posting a few pages online, so she sent those queries. When she got her first full request, we all freaked out.

And then she a few more full requests...

After a few rejections and a butt tonne of requests, RACHEL HAD "THE CALL" 

She fell in love with the agent and her ideas for Sadie. 

She notified the other agents and got a few more offers, but Agent #1 had her heart from the very beginning. Rachel called and accepted representation from.......


Congratulations, Rachel and Carrie!!! I can't wait to see the magic you two come up with. !!

And now, just because, I give you the hottest gif of Norman


  1. I'm so excited for Rachel!!! :D :D Also.... excellent gifage.

  2. I LOVE YOU. You are my favoritest CP - don't tell Rach ;-) I love all the gifs - omg bambi and kbell and emma watson and <3333333.
    also, Sadie had like 60000 titles originally. I hated them all. Whoops. She's usually still 'Sadie' in my head too :p