Monday, 14 January 2013


I was browsing through my twitter the other day, and I had one resonating thought as I scrolled through pages and pages of my thoughts and interactions.

I am fucking boring.

But the thing is....I'm not.

I'm hilarious. And Witty. SO Witty. Like. My facebook status' bring all the boys to the yard. (Outdated pop reference anyone?)

For example, did you know that some of my friends call me Jenna "No Filter" Lehne ?

They call me that because I am so freaking inappropriate that it astonishes people. (Yes Mom, I'm aware the nickname is not necessarily a compliment).

But I'm not like that on Twitter.


I cringe when I swear on twitter because a fellow writer or agent or editor or some stranger in Germany might get offended.

In real life, I swear like a rum-soured pirate. I swear in front of my parents, my grandparents, my co-workers, hell. I swear in church.

I mean, I'm not like "bitchdamn that breakfast was amazing. Thanks, Mom." , but the word "fuck" works its way into my vocabulary a couple times a day.

So...I'm done.

I'm done trying to impress people that probably don't even know I exist by not saying what I really think of Les Miserable. (side-note: I hated it)

This does not mean I will be unprofessional ALL the time, or that I will ever be mean to someone, (aside from my siblings - they don't count), or that my twitter feed will now be a slue of f-bombs and retweeted pictures of naked celebs.

It just means that I'm taking the twitter filter off and being me.

Deal with it...... <3

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  1. Always be true to yourself - not that I know who said that ;)