Thursday, 12 July 2012

Too young for high blood pressure

As any querying author knows, contests are a GREAT way to get your query/material in front of agents.

We also know they are incredibly stressful. Like setting-your-alarm-at-5am-to-see-if-you-made-it-in-stressful. Overly-hyphenating-stressful.

But oh so fun.

And as hard as it is to wait to see if you made it in, imagine how hard it is to be choosing 10% of the entries. If i were in TB or England, I'd be delivering wine by the crate.

So far I've held off from begging/tweeting to choose my entry. I hope my work stands for itself, and if it doesn't, I know I have some tweaking to do.

In the mean time, I've been doing random things to keep myself occupied such as:

Outlining new projects
Trying new teas
Editing a previous MS
Drinking more
Playing jet pack warrior
Spooning my dogs
Hassling my husband
Drinking some more.

Anyhoo: Here is a funny little story from the other week.

A giant Oil show rolled through our city last month. Thousands of booths filled our big fair/hockey/rodeo grounds filled with big rigs, suits, and free stuff.

I knew a few people at one booth, so my co-workers and I went to visit. There was a cute guy all decked out in a suit, arranging some free material. He had air fresheners, handy iphone screen cleaners, and condoms. Yes. Condoms.

I took took a few cleaners, and an air freshener, and asked the gentleman about the condoms. 

I love making people laugh...or in this case...feel incredible awkward.

Jenna: I was just wondering if you had any condoms in larger sizes?
Suit: Uhhhh....I think condoms are a one size fits all...
Jenna: Oh, maybe for you....My husband requires something a little larger...

He stands there, mouth open, staring at me.

Suit: These are the only ones we have, I'm sorry.

He immediately turns red and walks away.

I was just trying to lighten the mood, and be funny. Every one else was laughing.

Turns out he is a very strict, formal Mormon man....

Just my luck.

I apologize profusely to his co-workers, who are giggling.....I then hang my head, grab a handful of condoms, and leave.

Seriously? The one freaking person in the entire oil show who wouldn't laugh at a condom joke, I manage to find. 

Anyways. Best of luck to all of you who are entered in #XmasInJuly

Michelle and Ruth, I'm so thankful for you ladies and your hard work. 

I'm excited to read your books!

peas out kittens.

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