Tuesday, 24 April 2012

One Month, One Day

I cannot believe it's been one month since my Father in Law passed away.
It went buy incredibly fast.
We are doing good, for the most part, but still have hard mornings / afternoons/ nights/ anytimes of day.
I miss him.

Anyways...what have I been doing this past month....I've been working like a mamajamma on my WIP, I had a couple 3k days, those always help.

I've also been ensnared, like millions of others, by the Fifty Shades series. They are the ultimate guilty obsession. I love them. I rave about them to everyone. Even my husband is interested lol. If you haven't read them - do it now!

In between my smutty erotica I'm also reading The Thirteen by Susie Moloney. She will be my first ever book review! I'm reading slowly, taking lots of notes, so hopefully I can do it justice. So far, so good.

Another guilty obsession I have is the Scandalous Scandals on Cuddlebuggery's blog. Seriously. They highlight that weeks drama - it's great! I highly suggest checking it out. cuddlebuggery.com

It has been unseasonably warm for Calgary, it was +27 yesterday. So naturally I took the day off, baked in the sun sipping Iced Tea, and read. It was divine.  Today I'm paying for it though, I have  sun burn and my back is sore from lounging all day. Life's tough.

In other news - i'm knee deep in the midst of a pregnancy scare. I don't want to tell anyone because I'm 99% sure I'm not. I just needed to tell someone - my ever so few blog readers being that someone :) Damn my body and it's irritating ways of handling stress. Ugh.

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