Friday, 9 March 2012

It's Official!

Good Morning Kittens!

It's a great day to be alive, isn't it? So. I got to do an incredibly grown up thing the other day..I got to sign my first ever publishing contract !!! My debut (that word called for something fancy dancy) novel, Second Hand Lace, is being published by Turquoise Morning Press ! They have tons of good books if your kindle needs a boost, or if you're old school like me, you need a new paperback!  My book will come out in the Spring of 2013, pending I don't make any colossal eff ups. I got to fill out all this fun stuff about what I thought the cover should look like, and who I'd dedicate it too..and all that jazz. Too.Much.Fun.

In other news, I did a guest blog on I love her blog. It makes me chortle. Loudly.

If you're into praying, or sending good thoughts, send some over to my Father in law ! He just had surgery which has rendered him cancer free ! Thank you Lord.!!

Other things I'd like to thank God for today are:

Gum Balls

People who put their hazards on to say "Thank You" when you let them in a lane

Tim Hortons ( not roll up the rim though!)


Memory Foam


Any who. I finally got a cool idea for my new book...which I could use a couple readers I shall be furiously scribbling into my notebook anytime the kids I'm babysitting for tonight are not screaming or hitting each other.

Have the best weekend ever!



  1. That's neat that you get to do a real dedication - a writer's dream! Was it hard to think of everyone or have you had the list in your head for a while?

    I'm glad you remembered God - always nice to see. (Of course, I'll put him in my prayers!) And if you really need readers for your new MS - I'm always game.

    How exciting this whole publishing thing must be for you!

  2. I did my dedication to one person,whom I had picked out from the very first word. I acknowledged another dozen. It was hard to fit it into a paragraph but I managed.

    It is so exciting..I could just scream.

  3. YAY! I'm so glad to see ALL your good news! I'll certainly keep your FIL in my thoughts :)