Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Pitch Wars Mentor Bio 2016


Wow! I can't believe it's time for Pitch Wars again! It feels like only yesterday that I was daydreaming about what kind I was crossing my fingers to find in my inbox.

Last year's PW was an amazing experience. I met Wendy, my mentee, who has turned into a dear, dear friend. (Hi, Wendy!! <3) She worked her butt off during revisions and it paid off in the agent round. She is now represented by Mary Gaule of Mary Evans.  We stayed in close contact after the contest, so we celebrated each and every request and compliment and lamented over the passes together. When she got the call, I'm pretty sure I screamed loud enough that the nearby mountains shook. Meeting Wendy was by far the biggest highlight of my Pitch Wars experience, so I'm hoping I lightning strikes twice!

Anyhoo, let's dive in, shall we?

Who am I?:

 I'm Jenna! This is my second year acting as a Pitch Wars mentor. I'm a Mom to 1.5 (one's in the oven), a wife, a writer, reader, and tea enthusiast. I'm a blogger over at www.midnightsocietytales.com where we blog about all things horror.

What's it like to be my Mentee:

If you're my mentee, you're pretty much stuck with me for life. When the contest wraps up, I'll be there to brainstorm more agents to query if need be. We can flesh out that awesome new book idea in the meantime. We can eat virtual ice cream over rejections and have twitter parties after a week of requests. Good or bad, I'm here for you. You don't just get a mentor, you get a friend!

Editing wise, I'm definitely at my best, critique-wise, when I type up my edit letter. I leave myself notes everywhere about things I like, don't like, what could use some work, what is so freaking perfect I don't even want you to move a period. You'll get a MONSTER of an edit letter and we can skype/text/email/chat/carrier pigeon about it afterward and make a solid revision game plan.

Once you're finished your revisions, we'll do a round of in-line notes and then we'll be off to the races!

My Wishlist:

First off, I'm a Middle Grade mentor!! I love Middle Grade so hard. I love tagging along with characters as they navigate new schools, new family situations, losing loved ones, and especially love watching them tread into that weird stage of discovering that boys/girls aren't so gross after all.

I have a special spot in the dark cavern that is my heart for horror. Some of my favorites are YEAR OF SHADOWS, CORALINE,DOLL BONES, and my all time favorite, SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK. I love being scared, so if you have anything remotely spooky, please, PLEASE send it to me!!

I love contemporaries on both ends of the spectrum. WHEN YOU REACH ME is still one of my all-time favorite reads. COUNTING THYME is another great example of a contemporary that I'd die to see in my inbox!

I've been OBSESSED with fantasy lately. I just finished THE STAR-TOUCHED QUEEN and haven't been able to stop thinking about it it since. I love lush, brilliant new worlds that make me daydream about living in them. I love new societies, new laws, magical creatures, and normal people that can do extraordinary things. If you have fresh, gorgeous fantasy, well...

I really enjoy mysteries and thrillers, especially if they're full of twists and turns. If your query sounds anything like TREASURE AT LURE LAKE, I want it! Books that have some dark magic in them like THE NIGHT GARDENER make my heart race. I want them all!

I'm super open to diverse #ownvoices books, regardless of the genre!

In my dream of dreams, you send me something a little (or a lot) dark starring a Native American MC who kicks butt but gets super challenged and freaked out along the way.

I'm really open to pretty much anything. If you think we'd be a good fit, please sub to me :D

I think that's it for me. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process. You're about to join such a beautiful, supportive community that even if you don't make it to the next round you're going to have friends for life.

If you're stressed at all, here's something to color :)

Good luck and make sure you check out the other blogs below!
































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